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      成考院校 咨詢入口
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        你(Li Yuan)給你的朋友(Jane)寫封信,邀請她參加你的生日聚會。

        Dear Jane,

          My parents are going to hold a birthday party for me at 13:00 on May 29th ( Sunday ) at home. Will you be free and come to my party? I'll be very happy if you are. Besides, Tom, May and some other classmates are coming too.

          You may take bus No. 2 to Qing Street and walk straight about 20 meters. There you'll see a drug store. At the corner of it, turn right and get into a very narrow path and look for Beijing No. 10.

          That's my home. We'll wait for you there.Please call me before the date, if you can not come.I can't wait for the get-together.

        Li Yuan




        內容包括:1. 什么使你受不了來源安通學校;2. 你受到了什么影響;3. 希望他做些什么

        December 28, 2004

        Dear Apartment Management Officer:

          I am writing to complain about my neighbor Mr. Black.

          Mr. Black lives next door to me, and he disturbs my life. He has a party almost every day. During these parties, people are making a lot of noise. They are dancing, laughing and shouting. They often do such silly things till early morning.

          What’s more, when they have drunk too much, they often quarrel and fight against each other. I can’t put up with all these. I can’t sleep well at night and my kid can’t concentrate on his studies.

          Please tell Mr. Black to stop all these things and respect others privacy.

          Looking forward to your reply.


        Wang Meng



        下面是一家電子公司刊登在2002年2月6日的China Daily 上的一則招聘廣告。假如你是李平,符合該公司的招聘條件,并對其待遇感到滿意,請寫一封自薦信。

        Dear Mrs. Chan,

          Having seen your advertisement for a part-time lab assistant to help with development of computer in China Daily, I beg to offer myself for the position.

          I graduated from the Physics Department of Beijing University with an electronics degree and I have been working in the electronics lab in Honda Electronics Company in Guangdong for five years.

          I’m good at physics and both my spoken English and written English are very good. Besides, I’m in good health because I like sports very much. I work in my company from 8:00 am to 12:00 am. From Monday to Friday,

          so I’m quite able to work in your company from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. And I’m quite pleased with the salary your company offers.

        Yours sincerely

        Li Ping







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