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        To see is to believe/ To work means to earn a living.

        2、另一種情況主語是以aim, duty, hope, idea, happiness, job, plan, problem, purpose, thing, wish等為中心的名詞,或以what引導的名詞性從句,不定式表語對主語起補充說明作用

        His wish is to buy a luxurious car in the near future. / The boss's plan is to start building the skycraper immediately. / What I want to say is to get rid of the plan forever.

        11) The function of Louis Sullivan's architecture was providing [A] large uninterrupted floor areas [B] and to allow ample light [C] into the interior [D] .

        12) The most important [A] thing is negociate [B] with them about [C] the future of [D] the plant.


        3、因為不定式所修飾的名詞是不定式的賓語,所以如果不定式動詞是不及物動詞,那么就要在動詞后加上相應的介詞He has a lot of trifles to deal with./ I had got no place to live in./That girl has nothing to worry about./the subject to concentrate on. / He has a strict teacher to listen to. / She has four children to look after. / She had a sick mother to live with. / This is the very person to sell your ticket to.

        18) Although the lecture had already been on for five minutes, I still was not able to find a chair .

        [A] to sit[B] for to sit on[C] to sit on[D] for sitting


        4、一些表示企圖、努力、傾向、目的、愿望、打算、能力、意向等意義的名詞后面要求接不定式作其定語,如:ability, attempt, effort等

        19) During [A] the 19th century scientists found [B] that when certain parts of the brain were damaged [C] men lost the ability doing [D] certain things.

        20) What is new, however, is the scientific attempt whether other planets beyond our own have given birth to advanced civilizations.

        [A] discover[B] discovers[C] discovering[D] to discover

        21) Surely her daughter would make an even bigger effort her?

        [A] please [B] pleased [C] to please [D] having pleased






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